TRZ Work Spaces

This is a short description of general details about the work spaces.

Team Suites

Give your team the balance they deserve by becoming a TRZ Team Suite Member. Enjoy the newly built office space and discounts throughout the rest of TRZ to ensure the health and happiness of everyone who works for you.

Size: 440-860sf

Seats: 6-14 People

Price: Team Suite 2 - $2100 Team Suite 3 - $2150 Team 4 TBD

Private Offices

A remote office in the best possible workspace. Enjoy the freedom of being remote and the balance that comes with TRZ.

Size: 140-150sf

Seats: 2 People

Price: $600/Month

Dedicated Desks

Your future desk outside of the office. Be your most productive self by being in a supportive environment.

Size: NA

Seats: 1 Person per Desk

Price: $400/Month

Flex Space

A relaxed cafe setting in Rocklin, CA. Get out of the office and home and enjoy an environment where you can truly get the most done in your work.

Size: 1,810sf

Seats: 43 Spaces

Price: $30 Day Pass, $120 Week Pass, $200 Part-time Membership, $275 Full-time Membership

Conference Room

One of the largest conference rooms in the area. Comes fully equipped with an 80-inch mounted monitor with easy connection through the ports on the table itself. Perfect for meetings of all sizes.

Size: 420sf

Seats: 30 People

Price: $150 for 2 hours

Recording Room

The perfect for all your recording needs. Completely sound proofed and ready to record your next podcast or YouTube episode.

Size: 130sf

Seats: 5 People

Price: $40 per hour

Collaboration Room

A creative space perfect for marketing meetings, business planning, or any team projects. The Collaboration Room has the option to include a rolling screen with Bluetooth connectivity and a wall-mounted board to write all the notes you need.

Size: 230sf

Seats: 10 People

Price: $100 for 2 hours

Phoenix Room

The soul of TRZ. Join us for an arrangement of classes and workshops designed to improve your mind and body.

Size: 1,110sf

Capacity:  Currently, 33 can grow to 40

Price: NA

Recovery Room

The Recovery Room is the place to get your body right after hard workouts or a long week of stress. Relax in the infrared sauna or use the power of cold therapy with the Cold Plunges to aid in the recovery of sore muscles and joints.

Size: 920sf

Capacity:  10 People

Price: NA

Treatment Rooms

Be in the space designed for wellness practitioners. Furnish your own room and business by being a full-time member, or rent a fully furnished room for as little as 4 hours at a time.

Size: 150sf

Capacity:  2 People

Price: Full-time - $1000, Part-time TBD

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