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The Rising Zone

We know what’s missing.  We’ve experienced it in our own lives. The constant pressure of climbing the ladder, being socially active, and building the “perfect” life has pushed us further away from our true selves than ever before.

It is easy to neglect taking care of ourselves. Without regular self-care, we become exhausted and burnt out, our personal and professional lives suffer, and we are left constantly trying to recharge.

Business group team sitting at desk in meeting room discussing project

The Rising Zone is a unique coworking center designed to create a movement that transforms the mindset of business professionals and their surrounding community.

We provide go-getters, entrepreneurs, and businesses a place to connect with each other, while offering services that support the improvement of their overall physical and mental wellness. TRZ can help you achieve the balance you’ve been dreaming of.

About Team

Yvonne Pire envisioned TRZ after going through her own transformative period of life.  Having started her career in the military, she founded Trofholz Technologies, a woman-owned, veteran-owned business which has since become a leader in full design-build enterprise security systems for critical infrastructure facilities.  She has operated as CEO at Trofholz for over 20 years.

Yvonne knows what it is like to live every day in a high-pressure, high-demand environment.

In 2015, when she was faced with major shifts in her personal life, her transformation into a new way of living began.

Through the support of alternative wellness programs, such as yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and breath work, Yvonne began to see massive positive changes in her own physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.  Her productivity and creativity at work started to flow again.  She experienced the internal-external balance she had been seeking for decades.

Now, through the creation of TRZ, Yvonne is providing a space for these practices to be accessible to those in the business community.

At TRZ, we believe that when we are surrounded with the support and collaboration of like-minded businesses and individuals, we elevate each other to become the best version of ourselves, professionally and personally.  We can live the life of our dreams.

At TRZ we firmly believe in:

  • Transform mindset
  • Rise up and persevere
  • Zone in to accelerate results

Our Collaborations

The Rising Zone is excited to partner with great companies.

Yvonne Pire

“The Rising Zone was created to be an elevated environment that balances your mind, body, and soul to improve the lives and careers of all our members.”

Yvonne Pire