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Personal Training

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Recovery Room


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Find Your Power In Our Strength Zone

Building muscle strength builds mental strength.  Consistency is key.  However, maintaining a consistent training schedule can be overwhelming when trying to fit it into a busy schedule.

Enter the TRZ Strength Zone.  In our state-of-the-art training facility, you can work out before or after work, or in the middle of your work day, without having to leave the building.  We make it easier for you to be committed to your goals. 

Strength group Squats

The TRZ Strength Zone provides:

  • An energetic environment to strengthen the body and mind
  • Higher levels of power and confidence 
  • Accountability to accelerate results 

At TRZ, we promote the importance of strength training and nutrition as part of the holistic mind-body connection. We know that by working out the body, you exercise your mind, too.

In the TRZ Strength Zone, you will find the connection and support you need to become the strongest version of yourself.

Strength Protein

Are you a trainer or nutritionist interested in bringing your clients to TRZ?  We have limited spaces available for certified strength trainers and nutritionists with your own personal business and passion for educating others on the importance of physical and nutritional wellness.

 We have space available for:

  • An independent nutrition consultant who has the appropriate level of state required certifications, experience, and insurance to provide meal plan options.
  • 12 strength trainers who have the appropriate level of state required certifications, experience, and insurance to provide strength training for their clients.

For accelerated results in your physical and mental strength, join us at TRZ.

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