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Find Your Balance in the Zen Zone

We can all use more calm amid our hectic days. Time to just breathe, be still, and listen.

When we run our tanks dry, we suffer from burnout, anxiety, lethargy, and a general lack of enthusiasm. We struggle to find the balance we so desperately want in life. 

Zen-Women Taking a Break

By providing ourselves time for self-care, we experience such benefits as more clarity and creativity, and a more positive overall outlook.

In our Zen Zone, you’ll find space to breathe, rest the mind, and bring you back to your center.  Our health and wellness professionals have created a healing environment in which you can elevate your wellbeing.

The TRZ Zen Zone provides:

  • Classes to balance mind and body
  • Transformational connection to self 
  • Clarity to zone in and accelerate results 
Zen-Man Stretching

Our wellness team is composed of cutting edge, forward-thinking health professionals who strive to elevate the personal and professional lives of the TRZ community.  

Our TRZ yoga and breathwork classes and workshops are designed to be accessible to all, those with new and established practices alike.  

In the Zen Zone, you’ll find:

  • A state-of-the-art yoga studio
  • An Energy Enhancement System (EES), Cold Plunge, & Infrared Sauna
  • Treatment rooms for massage therapy, reiki, and other healing practices

We have experienced it first hand, how the cumulative effect of a daily practice can be positively life-changing.  We invite you to join us in the Zen Zone to see for yourself!

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